Sugar Ray (2)

American alternative rock/crossover band formed in 1986 in Newport Beach, California.

starting out as a nu-metal band, they released their first album 'Lemonade and Brownies' in 1995 with little success. The band then followed up with 'Floored' in 1997 continuing the sound with the exception of a more radio friendly effort with the single 'Fly' which became an instant hit toping several charts. As a result the band made a shift in their sound towards pop rock and released '14:59' in 1999 to continued success defying the depiction of the group as a one hit wonder. The band then released their eponymous album 'Sugar Ray' in 2001 to continued success, being their final platinum selling release, followed by the moderately successful 'In The Pursuit of Leisure' in 2003. Later 'Music for Cougars' was released after a hiatus in 2009 which failed to chart.

The band released its seventh and latest effort on July 26, 2019, titled 'Lil Yachty.'


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