Michael Chapman

Michael Robert Chapman is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist (born: January 24, 1941, Leeds, Yorkshire, England).

He first appeared on the London and Cornwall folk music circuits in 1967, alongside John Martyn and Roy Harper. He recorded his debut album in 1969 and three subsequent albums on the Harvest label. After the release of Wrecked Again, Chapman parted with Harvest, choosing to sign to Decca’s subsidiary Deram, where he began adding electric guitar and harder rhythms to his work. Several albums were released on Deram during the early to mid 1970’s including one produced by Memphis legend Don Nix.

The 1980s was a quieter, less active time for Chapman. He continued to record for numerous smaller record labels, and played on the folk and club circuits. The late 1990’s onwards represented a period of continued rebirth for Chapman. He enjoyed critical acclaim for his albums and attracted the praise of performers like Thurston Moore and Supergrass. The 2000s have seen Chapman exploring his guitar player roots and releasing instrumental albums alongside his song based sets. He recently toured the United States in 2011.


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